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Pre-Season Power Rankings

By: Buck Bernard


Darin Farris

Mr. #1 pick himself tops the 2020 Legend of the Winkenbach post draft power rankings. Being at the turn of the draft, Darin took advantage of a few players who fell further than they should have including Josh Jacobs, Zach Ertz, and...


Bo Hust

17 Years. Bo has been one of the best fantasy players in the league with the #2 overall winning percentage, but for some reason, come playoff time, his team forgets how good they are, and he has never been able to bring home...


Buck Bernard

I honestly wanted to list myself #1 because this is my favorite draft, I’ve had in my 13 Winkenbach seasons, but removing the bias as much as possible, I do think I have a few more question marks than Darin and...


Tyler Tisdale

The newbie this year in the league. Tiz was gifted the #2 pick in the draft and took full advantage of it. With Matthew Berry’s rankings in hand, Tiz went down the list drafting best available each round thus tying his...


Tanner Lott

Using Adam’s cheat sheet and football knowledge at the draft this year has seemed to pay off early on for Tanner. For weeks leading up to the draft, he wavered back and forth between a couple of players to draft at #5, but...


Perry James

5-time champion. #1 overall winning percentage. Self-proclaimed fantasy football GOAT. Who am I to question Perry on his draft decisions? I typically always like Perry’s team after the draft each season because it’s usually risk averse and includes well thought out and researched...


Adam Green

There was a lot of hate towards Adam “Rank Me Last” Green’s draft this season, but I think this was one of Adam’s best drafts I’ve seen from him. For one, he was super confident and locked in for every one...


Jon Green

I feel like Jon’s team could be one where we look back and wonder how he was rated so low originally. The reason I personally don’t have him ranked higher is because almost every position on his team requires a leap of...


Jake Munn

No longer the newbie in the league now that we’ve added Tiz to the league, Jake is entering year 3 at a dead even 16-16 record in the league. His first year was a struggle as he finished 4-9, but he turned it...


Reagan McKinley

Reagan has been another player who has sneakily been one of the best in the league coming in at #3 in overall winning percentage. Reagan typically always has a great draft and sits on his team outside of a few waiver moves...


Derrick Coleman

I hesitate to rank Derrick this low because this is actually one of my sleeper playoff teams for this season. I like a lot of what Derrick did in this draft and think he could be the surprise team...


Decker Farris

I don’t think I’ve ever left a draft and thought that Decker had a good draft. I don’t know whether that’s a difference in opinion or if he truly doesn’t draft good teams, but I thought this year was going to be...

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