2020/21 Bi-Laws Update


2020/21 Commissioner

The commissioner for the 2020/21 season is Jake Munn

Commissioner Vote

If requested, there can be a commissioner vote every year at the rules meeting.


The responsibilities of the commissioner is as follows:

  • Uphold the bi-laws and hold any accountable who breaks the rules

  • Facilitate the scheduling of events for the league. (rules meeting, draft, etc.)

  • Contact members who are not in the chat about events, votes, and any other info

  • Take up dues and pay out champion and runner-up

  • Buy the draft board and take up money for it

Scoring Changes

Passing / Receiving / Rushing yards


Old Scoring:

25 Passing Yards - 5

10 Rushing/Receiving Yards - 5

New Scoring

1 Passing Yard - .2

1 Rushing/Receiving Yard - .5


Old Scoring:

-3 per interception

New Scoring

- 5 per interception


There was a request to lower defense scoring, but it was not passed.

Increase Rushing, Receiving, and QB Touchdown Points

There was a brief discussion to make rushing, receiving, and QB touchdown points higher to be more in line with standard leagues. This discussion was tabled.

Roster Changes

Max RB from 6 to 7

There was a brief discussion to increase max RB's from 6 to 7. This discussion was tabled.

Change WR/TE to FLEX

There was a brief discussion to change WR/TE to FLEX. This discussion was tabled.


There was a brief discussion to add a FLEX. This discussion was tabled.


Trade Deadline

The trade deadline was changed.

  • Old Deadline: Week 10 (Nov. 13, 2020)

  • New Deadline: Week 9 (Nov. 9, 2020)

Add Trade Veto

There was a discussion to add a trade veto, but it did not pass.

Trade Reversal

There was a discussion on trade reversal. The consensus was that if a trade is sent and accepted, the trade is final. There will be no grace period for the trade sender to contact the trade receiver and commissioner and ask for a reversal of the trade. However, there is nothing stopping the two traders from trading back.

Draft for Draft Picks

Draft for Draft Picks Date

It was agreed that the draft for draft picks will occur 1 month prior to the draft date or on August 1st, whichever comes first.

New Member Draft Pick

If there is a new member in the league, the new member will receive the draft pick for the manager he is replacing.

Consolation Bracket

1st Place gets 1st Draft for Draft Pick

The first place winner of the consolation bracket will continue to get the 1st draft for draft pick.

Consolation Bracket Structure

The consolation bracket structure will change to the same structure as the playoffs. This will be inputted manually by the commissioner. The structure is as follows:

  • The 7th and 8th seed get a bye first week. In the first week, the 9th seed plays 12th seed and 10th seed plays 11th seed.

  • After the first week, the 7th seed will play the worst remaining seeded team and the 8th seed will play the other remaining team.

  • After the second week, the final will be between the two remaining teams.

Last Place Punishment


The manager finishing in last place will have to do the following:

    1. Put picture on reddit.com/roastme

    2. Pay for the food at the Trophy Presentation

End of the Season Trophy Presentation and Rules Meeting


The end of the season trophy presentation and rules meeting will be the week before the Super Bowl.


We will discuss any changes that need to be made to the bi-laws to reflect anything that has happened mid-season or requested by a manager. We will also present the trophy to the season champion.

Playoff Teams Splitting Pot

No Splits

There was a vote if playoff participants can split the pot during the playoffs. The vote was to not allow managers to split the pot.

Procedures for Manager Quitting Mid-Season


If a manager quits mid-season the commissioner will do the following:

  • Take control of the quitting manager's team

  • Start the most points projected players at each position

  • Replace injured or players on bye with players on waivers after waivers clear. No bids allowed.

New Manager

The quitting manager will be replaced with a new manager in the offseason. The new manager will be voted on at the rules/trophy presentation meeting.

League Fees Due Date

Due Date

League fees are due at the draft starting in 2021. If you can not pay the league dues at the draft for any reason, you must contact the commissioner and make a plan on when you can pay.

COVID Season Procedures

Season Ends Before Week 9

If the season ends before week 9 (Nov. 5, 2020), there will be no champion and everyone will receive their dues back.

Season Ends After Week 9

If the season ends after week 9 (Nov. 5, 2020), the champion will be whoever has the best record. If there is a tie, the manager with the most points scored will win. Whoever has the second best record, will receive second place and second place winnings.

Extra IR

There will be an extra IR spot available due to concerns over players getting coronavirus.