The Fellowship

Lately things had been great. Love and light were intertwining themselves much like a moth dances with a flame. The attractions and anticipations associated with passing into adulthood were raging and coursing through his brain and heart. A young man naive but bold passed quickly throughout the scurried halls of Petal High School. Slapping hands and swapping conversations as he moved much like a chameleon down the halls. A beautiful soft breasted woman at his side and the lubricants of social and emotional ambiguities that he somehow seemingly controlled kept him fairly happy. Still as life was blossoming before his eyes, he knew still something was missing.


Deep inside as the boy was growing into a man, he realized that he was dealing with an internal struggle that no one could truly comprehend. The turmoil of dealing with the fundamental assumption of cognitive science that the individual was the correct unit of analysis for understanding human intelligence was leaving him in the end feeling empty. He was a man that while pragmatic to a degree also understood that all things could not be spoken for or understood. Soon though the answer to the pain and suffering of feeling that emptiness would be filled permanently.


That morning he had spent with his cousin Jon. He had picked him up for the first time for school in his silver Pontiac Grand Prix. Jon had arrived early because he had been anticipating that his cousin would want to smoke a blunt on the ride to school. Eager as ever the young man looked out the window until he saw the car touch the concrete of the driveway. He ran downstairs unconsciously skipping several stairs in his fast pace. He jumped into the car and slammed the door as they sped away into a unforeseeable journey that would affect the rest of their lives.


It was second period and the young man was just coming down from the afterglow of a wonderful morning with his cousin. He had barely made it through his first period awake and was excited for Mr. Shoemaker's class because he had several friends in that class. As he sat there reeling from the paranoia and anxiousness that was slowly leaving his conscious, he realized what had been missing from his life. “The thing that brings me joy in life are the relationships with my friends and family.” he quietly thought to himself. “2nd row please grab your lemon-yellow text” he heard from the somber and direct Mr. Shoemaker. He did not realize it was his row until the person behind him walked past. In an instant he jumped to his feet and grabbed his textbook. Upon sitting down, he just hoped that he would not be called upon. He was sifting through ideas about how to bring his friends closer and fill the void that was missing. He knew he was missing the ability to fraternize with his brothers which would ultimately be the answer for all life’s qualms.


The one thing they all had in common was the love of sports. More specifically they all were die hard football fans. When the bell rang to go to third period it hit him like a strike of lighting. He had heard of a competition-based football game called fantasy football. Fantasy sports had been around for a few years prior but at the time were starting to gain steam. Little did he know that fantasy football would not only affect but would completely change the rest of his life. As he walked to break between 6th and 7th period, he presented the idea to his friend Perry James and his cousin Jonathan Green. It was at that very moment that his entire life changed for the better. Now sitting here over a decade later his mind still can't comprehend the impact that day has had. Through the pain, tears, joy, hate, love, light, knowledge, care, empowerment, arguments, and every shared moment he is grateful. As he sits here today a man changed by the power of his brothers, he drips a tear onto his MacBook. For he now knows what he was lacking. He now knows that what makes a man a man is the men around him. For that he will always say...fair enough.                                                                                        


Love and Light,


Adam Green