Pre-Season Power Rankings

6. Perry James

5-time champion. #1 overall winning percentage. Self-proclaimed fantasy football GOAT. Who am I to question Perry on his draft decisions? I typically always like Perry’s team after the draft each season because it’s usually risk averse and includes well thought out and researched picks. This season I don’t feel this way about his team, at least in it’s current state. However, as much as I don’t like Perry’s team, I can’t drop him out of the playoffs because he always somehow, someway finds a way to be successful each year. Outside of his two QBs Lamar Jackson and Carson Wentz, TE George Kittle, and RB3 David Johnson, I don’t have high hopes for any other starters on this roster currently. Question marks persist at both starting RB spots as well as all 3 starting WR spots making this very much a boom/bust team for this season. What I do think Perry did well, was draft bench depth though. His bench is one of the best, if not the best, in the league, and I fully expect Perry to use that to his advantage in trades throughout the season.


QB: Lamar Jackson, Carson Wentz, Ryan Tannehill


I think Perry knocked his QB picks out of the park. Nothing needs to be said about Lamar Jackson who is a bonafide stud at the QB position and is almost guaranteed to finish top 2 at the QB position barring injury. Carson Wentz is another solid option at the QB position who despite throwing to TEs and AFL WRs for most of the season last year finished as QB9. I look for him to finish much better or at the very least be much more consistent this season. Ryan Tannehill is perfect as a QB3 for Perry’s roster. Even though I don’t think he can sustain his success from last season, Tannehill was the QB3 overall from the time he became a starter in week 7 on and even if he regresses some this season, he should easily be a top 15 QB.


RB:  Leveon Bell, Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, Zack Moss, Nyheim Hines, Devonta Freeman


The land of fallen RBs seems to be Perry’s team’s mantra this season as he has filled his roster with RBs who once upon a time were all considered top 3 fantasy RB options. Those times have passed by and these guys are mostly considered washed up. Le’veon Bell looked finished as a plodder in Adam Gase’s offense last season averaging a paltry 3.2 YPC and 5.9 YPT, but as ugly as it was the amount of volume he received allowed him to still finish as RB15 on the season. I don’t see it getting much better for Bell this season, but we shall see. Leonard Fournette is another case of a solid RB who will likely see a stat regression this season. Coming off of a top 8 RB finish last season, the Jags proceeded to not pick up Fournette’s 5th year option, tried to trade him pre-draft, and added new OC Jay Gruden’s favorite 3rd down RB in Chris Thompson which all bodes negatively for Fournette’s outlook. My favorite RB on Perry’s team is actually his RB3 in David Johnson. Call me biased being a Texans fan, but of the three RBs I’ve mentioned so far, I believe David Johnson will finish the highest. DJ has had injury concerns the last few seasons, but from weeks 1-6 last year, Johnson was the RB5 in the Cardinals offense. Then he went down with an injury and wasn’t the same guy when he came back. There’s very little competition in the Texans backfield and O’Brien has shown a tendency to ride one workhorse RB over the years which all leads to Johnson bouncing back this season. Perry’s bench depth of Zack Moss, Nyheim Hines, and Devonta Freeman are all upside plays who currently don’t have much stand-alone value. The Moss choice, however, is looking better by the day as Singletary is rumored to be having fumbling issues in training camp.


WR: TY Hilton, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder, Diontae Johnson, Darius Slayton, Alshon Jeffery


Whereas Perry’s RBs are frolicking in the land of the fallen, his receivers are in sleeper land. This whole position is filled with “could-be’s” on this roster. WR1 T.Y. Hilton is always someone who should finish in the top 15 of WRs, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for the past 2 seasons now missing a combined 8 games. If he stays healthy, he should easily fulfill his WR1 role for Perry’s team. After WR1, it gets dicey as Marvin Jones and Jamison Crowder have both shown the ability to be WR2s, but they aren’t consistent enough to be relied upon full time. Perry’s bench WRs are all popular sleepers for this season with Diontae Johnson being the Steelers #2 WR and Darius Slayton being the #2 WR for the Giants. Johnson had a solid showing as a rookie last season catching passes from Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges so believers expect a big jump in production with Big Ben back under center. I think Johnson could be a diamond in the rough find for Perry this season. Slayton was another rookie who showed well last season and is looking to take advantage of a larger opportunity from the Danny Dimes led Giants. Jeffery is another sneaky good pick who could payoff for Perry come playoff time if he can get over his foot injury.


TE: George Kittle, Jared Cook


TE is the other position that Perry shouldn’t have to worry about for this season. Kittle is rock solid and should finish no lower than TE3 this season. He’s as close to a set it and forget it option as Lamar Jackson is. Jared Cook is a great backup option as well after catching 9 TDs and finishing as the TE7 in the Saints offense last season.