Pre-Season Power Rankings

10. Reagan McKinley

Reagan has been another player who has sneakily been one of the best in the league coming in at #3 in overall winning percentage. Reagan typically always has a great draft and sits on his team outside of a few waiver moves each year. This year, however, Perry’s season preview piece got into his head and messed up his typically sound draft strategy early on. Reagan has almost always started the draft going running back, running back that would have resulted in some combination of Clyde Edwards Helaire/Joe Mixon/Aaron Jones/Josh Jacobs/Austin Ekeler judging off of who was available. Instead he panicked at #10 and selected Dak Prescott who should be solid this year, but not 1st round pick solid. His 2nd round pick I can’t fault because Travis Kelce is far and away the best TE in the league, but it further kicked the can on the RB position. I would call Reagan’s strengths his QB1, his TE, and his top 2 WR with his weaknesses showing up at RB, QB2, and WR3.


QB: Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, Dwayne Haskins


While I’m hating on Dak being a 1st round pick, I actually do like Dak in fantasy this year and think he will finish as a top 5 QB. He has an outstanding offensive line, 3 solid WRs, and one of the best RBs in the league to throw to so he shouldn’t have any excuses not to produce this year. Coming in at QB2 is Reagan’s first question mark, Aaron Rodgers. A quick look shows that Rodgers finished last season as QB11, which is a QB1 in our league, but if you dive a little deeper, you see that most of those points came from four big weeks. Rodgers was below average the rest of the time and I don’t see that changing much this season after all the success that Lafleur had running the ball with Aaron Jones last year. Coming in at QB3 is Dwayne Haskins who really has nowhere to go but up after showing poorly as a rookie last year. He’s not a bad dart throw as a QB3 and could end up replacing Rodgers as Reagan’s QB2 if he shows early success.


RB: James Conner, Mark Ingram, James White, Tevin Coleman, Damien Harris


I do think that RB is Reagan’s weakest position. James Conner played poorly last season and hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy in either of his two seasons missing a combined 9 games. If (big if) he can stay healthy, he has solid potential, but I don’t trust that to happen. At RB2, Mark Ingram checks in coming off of a RB12 performance last season. The problem is the Ravens spent an early 2nd round pick on JK Dobbins in this year’s draft and would probably like to get him involved sooner rather than later. If that happens, I struggle to see Ingram producing top 20 numbers even in the lucrative Ravens backfield. Reagan’s backup options at the RB position are more complementary pieces instead of solid potential starters. The one potential exception to that is Damien Harris who is likely to break Patriots camp as the RB1. Reports say that he has looked great so Reagan may have found a big time sleeper in Harris. James White is what he is, a pass catching back that will finish top 30 at the position. However, even he comes with questions as ole reliable Tom Brady is down in Tampa now. Tevin Coleman is another complementary piece that likely won’t provide much value unless Mostert goes down with injury.


WR: Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp, Julian Edelman, John Brown, James Washington


Reagan’s WRs are some of his stronger weapons on his team led by Allen Robinson and Cooper Kupp. Allen Robinson has always had some of the worst QB play in the league transitioning from Blake Bortles to Mitch Trubisky, and unfortunately this year doesn’t look much different. However, that hasn’t stopped him from producing and putting up WR8 numbers last year. Barring injury, Robinson should once again be a locked in top 10 receiver. Cooper Kupp has been another solid player finishing last season as the WR5 in fantasy. The reason, in my opinion, that he isn’t being more highly touted is due to his finish last year. Tyler Higbee busted out at the expense of Kupp last year down the stretch leading to only a 15% target share over the final 5 weeks of the season for Kupp. Word out of training camp is that the Rams are looking to run that same 12 personnel grouping this year, which could push Kupp, further down the rankings. At WR3 is where things start to get dicey for Reagan as he starts Julian Edelman. Edelman was Tom Brady’s favorite target leading to a WR7 finish last season. With Brady gone, there is speculation that the Patriots will pass less which bodes negatively for Edelman who is a volume receiver. He may come out and prove me wrong, but that’s not something I’m expecting at this time. I do not like either of Reagan’s bench options as John Brown has new (and better) competition for targets this season in Stefon Diggs in an offense that already doesn’t pass it a ton, and James Washington is the 3rd option in the Steelers passing attack.


TE: Travis Kelce, Jonnu Smith


Travis Kelce is the unquestioned TE1 and it’s not really close. Kelce finished last season ranking ahead of second place Darren Waller by over 100 points making it 5 consecutive TE1 finishes for Kelce. Nothing more needs to be said. Jonnu Smith is a nice sleeper TE this season as well not that Reagan will need him for more than 1 week.