Pre-Season Power Rankings

5. Tanner Lott

Using Adam’s cheat sheet and football knowledge at the draft this year has seemed to pay off early on for Tanner. For weeks leading up to the draft, he wavered back and forth between a couple of players to draft at #5, but one player remained constant. “If Kamara is there, he’s the pick” is what I heard multiple times from Tanner and he held true to his word selecting Kamara once he fell to pick 5. Tanner’s QBs and WRs are his strongest positions with RB potentially joining that mix if Chubb doesn’t have too much work siphoned away by Kareem Hunt. The biggest weakness on this team is TE where Hockenson really only had one big week as a rookie finishing as TE32.


QB: Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Tua Tagovailoa


Tanner’s QB position looks to be a strength heading into the 2020 season. Even in a down year by Brady’s standards he finished as QB13 and moving into Bruce Arians’ offense with the best weapons he’s had since Randy Moss and prime Gronk can only mean good things. Big Ben was coming off of a QB3 finish in 2018 only to see his season cut short in week 2 last season due to 3 torn flexor tendons in his elbow. Now recovered from elbow surgery, he says that he feels better than ever leading to hopes that he can bounce back to 2018 form. Tanner’s 3rd QB is hotshot rookie Tua Tagovailoa who was the #5 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Tua, while extremely hyped, is unlikely to make many starts for Tanner’s (or Miami’s) squad this year taking the Mahomes approach of sitting and learning for most of the year behind a veteran QB starter.


RB: Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb, Jonathan Taylor, J.K. Dobbins, Latavius Murray


RB is one position on this team that could easily turn from a bit of a question mark into a strength for Tanner. We all know what Kamara did two years ago, but the injury bug bit him a little bit last year and he limped (no pun intended) to a RB11 finish in 14 games. Even with those injury questions, Kamara should once again easily finish as a RB1. The question mark for this team to me is from RB2 down. Nick Chubb finished as RB7 last year and is a stud in the Browns rushing attack. Where the questions start to come in is when you dive a little deeper into those numbers. Chubb weeks 1-9 was RB6 in PPR leagues, but when Kareem Hunt joined the backfield after his suspension, he dropped down to RB15 for the rest of the season. Tanner drafted Chubb as the RB13 for the league so the value was there, but if he’s looking for top 5-10 production out of Chubb he might be disappointed this year. Tanner’s bench RBs could also very well be studs, but they are all relatively unknowns outside of Murray who is a clear Kamara handcuff. Jonathan Taylor and J.K. Dobbins are both highly touted rookie RBs with workhorse backs in front of them. Taylor is competing with Marlon Mack, who finished last year as RB21 while playing in 14 games, in what looks to be a RBBC early on. Dobbins is competing with Mark Ingram for the Ravens highly productive #1 RB role and according to reports from camp he has been serving up highlights day in and day out so each of these rookies could end up being great picks.


WR: Tyreek Hill, Odell Beckham Jr., Tyler Lockett, Christian Kirk, Parris Campbell, Antonio Brown


In my opinion, the WR position is Tanner’s #1 strength going into the 2020 season. Tyreek Hill is a game changer as the #1 target for Patrick Mahomes in the Chiefs offense. Your lead is never safe if you’re playing against Hill because he’s always one play away from breaking a 90-yard TD and crushing your dreams. He does come with some injury concern as he missed 4 games last season, but the year before Hill had 87 catches for 1479 yards and 12 TDs in 16 games showing he does have the ability to stay healthy. Odell Beckham is another WR who has shown the ability to be a top 5 WR over his career. However, last season, his first year with the Browns, was a major disappointment as Baker Mayfield’s regression led to a WR25 finish for Odell. A new coaching staff has renewed the hype surrounding the Browns offense and Odell is looking to bounce back to his Giants days. Tyler Lockett was Seattle’s number one WR for the first-time last year and turned that into a WR16 finish easily returning WR2 value and almost bumping up into WR1 range. The only worry with Lockett is consistency as his targets weren’t always there in Seattle’s run first offense. Tanner’s bench WRs are also solid as Christian Kirk is the #2 option in Kliff Kingsbury’s air raid offense behind Deandre Hopkins which should lead to more single coverage for Kirk. Parris Campbell should also have a much better season catching passes from Phillip Rivers instead of Jacoby Brissett while running routes from the slot for the Colts. The much-maligned pick of Antonio Brown isn’t as bad of a pick as Jake likes to make it out to be. The earliest Brown could play is Week 9 if he signs by Week 1 since he is suspended for the first 8 weeks, but if Brown signs and comes back in time for the fantasy playoffs, he is a potential league winner.


TE: TJ Hockenson


The biggest weakness on Tanner’s team is clearly TE. Hockenson flashed his ability in week 1 last year when he put up 6 catches for 131 yards and a TD, but he only put up 26 catches for 236 yards and a TD the rest of the year leading to a TE32 finish. He also has some injury concern as he missed the final 4 games due to an ankle injury. There is some breakout potential here, but Hockenson is better served as your TE2 than someone you need to rely on weekly.