The Managers

The Managers

Buck Bernard

Overall Record - 87-81

2 Championships

Buck has proven himself to be one the best managers in the league and he's not shy about it. One of the loudest in the rooms, Buck goes full force into fantasy sports every year. With 1 championship and the 4th best record, it's hard to argue it's not working for him.


Cass Kloske

Overall Record - 0-0

Cass arrived in the league in 2021 ready to prove himself. With much respect and intelligence, time will tell how Cass fairs in the league. We are all looking forward to him proving himself to be valued, competitive member. He is obviously the best looking out of all of us, so he's got the going for himself.


Darin Farris

Overall Record - 76-78

2 Championships

A true competitor on and off the field, Darin has made his life about sports since day 1. He's not one to show up with all the research at draft day, but he'll put together a good team with just his football knowledge. Although he has a checkered championship past, he has 2 trophies and the 6th best overall record in the league. Watch out.

Decker Farris

Overall Record - 22-52

Decker has had a rough start to his Winkenbach career. Touted as an experienced fantasy manager entering the league, many had high hopes for Decker. Unfortunately, his performance thus far has been dismal at best. Things need to turn around fast for Decker to be taken seriously.

Jake Munn

Overall Record 24-24

New to fantasy football, Jake had a learning curve ahead of himself. So far he has been bang average. His trip to the championship in 2019 might give him some credibility, but only time will tell how much of a competitor he really is.

Jon Green

Overall Record 89-89

1 Championship

Another founding member of the league, Jon has been around since the beginning. He has one championship under his belt and shows up every year ready to compete. As long as he doesn't let his emotions get in the way of his drafting (aka all Dolphins players), Jon always does well.


perry james

Overall Record 107-73

5 Championships

Oh, the king. Perry is considered the best and it's really hard to argue. Five championships and the best record. The numbers sort of speak for themself. However, his braggadocios attitude and fervor for confrontation has brought him no friends. He is public enemy number 1. I guess it truly is lonely at the top.


Bo Hust

Overall Record: 90-74

1 Championship

Being one of the most consistently great managers during the season, it's a surprise that Bo has not amassed a championship. Yet, here we are. A true competitor and one who will always be fighting for a playoff spot, it's only a matter of time before he brings home the trophy.


Adam Green

Overall Record: 76-89

2 Championships

One of the forefathers of this league, Adam has been around since the very beginning. Often rated as a poor fantasy footballer, Adam is under constant pressure to prove himself. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable sports minds in the league, but as he would say, "Rank him last".


Tanner Lott

Overall Record 79-75

The chat king. Tanner's competition on the field is middle of the road, but his social game in the league is above everyone else by a mile. This two time final appearance player has no championship, but he competes every year and is it in to win it. One day he'll get a trophy, but for now his greatest accomplishment is creating the groupme chat.


Tyler Tisdale

Overall Record - 5-11

Tyler is the newest of the bunch, but he's no stranger to fantasy football. He says he's been in a few finals, but has yet to bring home the trophy in any league. Time will tell how well he adjusts to the league, but you can always catch him playing a show down at Sully's on Fridays at about 8 p.m.


Reagan McKinley

Overall Record 96-85

Quiet and composed, Reagan is the underdog that everyone always seems to forget. With a championship and the third overall best record, he has proven himself to be a top competitor in the league. Reagan is about nailing the draft, playing the waiver wire, and watching his team dominate on the field. If you didn't know it, you'd forget he was there.